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Custom Electronic Transformers

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When a standard transformer won't do, enlist the help of the experts at Hammond Manufacturing.

Our in-house engineering staff are ready to tackle your modified or custom magnetic needs.

Hammond Mfg. offers the convenience of North American engineering and production. For larger volumes we can also draw upon our
network of trusted offshore suppliers.

Contact us at our closest office - or - our toll free transformer hotline in Canada at (800) 404-9856 or - use our custom transformer form and Fax us...

Peter W. Dahl Link
We are currently integrating the Peter W. Dahl series of custom transformers & chokes to our transformer offering. Take
advantage of over 5,000 pre-designed custom transformers.

Special Product Scope

Isolation Power transformers at 50/60 Hz. (also 400 Hz.):

  • Up to 3000 VA load capacity
  • Single phase
  • Standard EI or Toroidal core
  • Any primary or secondary voltage up to 600VAC
  • PC mount , chassis mount, Pins , leads , terminals.
  • Various approvals CSA/UL/CE

Auto Power transformer at 50/60 Hz (also 400 Hz):

  • Up to 6000 VA load capacity
  • Single phase
  • Standard EI or Toroidal core
  • PC mount , chassis mount. Pins , leads , terminals.

Class 2 Power transformers (50/60 Hz):

  • Typically up to 75 VA (100VA Max)
  • Full certified or Component approval
  • Chassis or PCB mount.

Inductors and reactors:

  • Up to 200 Henrys inductance
  • Maximum current 150 ADC

International line adjust transformers:

  • Up to 2000 VA
  • Isolation or Auto transformer (buck / boost)
  • Hard wired or plug in connections

Audio transformers (impedance matching):

  • Up to 200 watts
  • Up to 10K ohm impedances.
  • Frequency response 20Hz. to 20 KHz.
  • Various source connections
  • Encapsulated, Shielded can or open construction.

High voltage transformers:

  • Voltages up to 5KV
  • Up to 1KVA

Current transformers:

  • Chassis mount up to 1200 A rms to 5 A ratios
  • PC mount up to 20 A
  • Accuracy to 0.5 %

Potential transformers:

  • Voltage sensing accuracy to 0.50% with isolation
  • Up to 200VA and 600 VAC windings

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